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Below are some of the features that are provided by Parser Generator:

Parser Generator

The Windows Interactive Development Environment (IDE). Features include:

  • Project management facility. Includes the ability to add and remove files from a project, and set tool build options.
  • Project rebuild mechanism, including Output window and error mapping to source files.
  • A ParserWizard that can generate initial skeleton YACC and Lex files. Particularly handy for creating multiple model C and C++ and Java parsers and lexical analysers.
  • A LibBuilder utility which can easily build the YACC and Lex libraries for you.
  • Multibyte Character Set (MBCS) enabled.
  • Full editor including YACC, Lex, C/C++ and Java syntax colouring.
AYACC and ALex

The Parser Generator versions of YACC and Lex. Features include:

  • Generate C, C++ and Java parsers and lexical analysers.
  • Generate both Unicode and Multibyte Character Set (MBCS) parsers and lexical analysers. Note that you can only generate Java Unicode parsers and lexical analysers - the language does not support MBCS.
  • Generate both fast and compact parsers and lexical analysers.
  • Generate single model, multiple model and multiple instance model C parsers and lexical analysers, depending upon your needs.
  • Each C++ and Java parser and lexical analyser that is generated is a new derived class to which you can add your own member functions (methods) and variables.
  • You can generate multiple, thread safe, instances of parsers and lexical analysers in your application. Note that for C parsers and lexical analysers you will need to use the multiple instance model.
  • Multibyte Character Set (MBCS) enabled.
  • AYACC can generate LALR(1), CLR(1) and SLR(1) parsers. In particular, table compression is such that CLR(1) parsers are not overly large.
  • Parsers can now perform clean up during error recovery. When a symbol is popped off of the stack, or a lookahead token discarded, an action can be called. This is useful if, for instance, you are building a node tree.
  • ALex can deal successfully with the '\0' character.
  • Suited for integration into the Visual C++ development environment. In particular, the error messages generated by the two tools are compatible with those recognised by Visual C++, which means that error mapping from the Output window to the relevant YACC or Lex source file can take place.

The YACC and Lex libraries. Features include:

  • Hold most of the table driving code. You can refine, alter, or generally do whatever you want to the library to suit your particular needs.
  • Built as static link libraries and DLL's, depending upon your needs.
  • Refined I/O routines which make it easy to bolt parsers and lexical analysers together in whatever configuration you wish.
  • Direct support provided for Microsoft Visual C++, Borland C++Builder and Borland C++. Parser Generator comes with a pre-build set of YACC and Lex libraries for Microsoft Visual C++ version 6.0. You can use the LibBuilder utility, supplied with Parser Generator, to easily build the libraries for the other compilers.
  • Full source available for compilation with other compilers and on other platforms.


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