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The registration fee for Parser Generator is 60 US dollars (USD) or 40 GB pounds (GBP) per copy. To find out whether you need to register your copy of Parser Generator, please see the License.

You can pay for your copy of Parser Generator by one of four methods:

  1. Credit Card.
  2. Cheque.
  3. Money / Postal Order.
  4. Direct Bank Transfer.

Credit Card

For payment method 1 please go to the Parser Generator Online Order Page. This is a secure web page provided by ShareIt!. Alternatively, you can go to the ShareIt! web site and search for program ID number 140475. Note that the license cost is given in US Dollars (USD) or Euros. The price in Euros is set according to the current US Dollar/Euro exchange rate. There is no option to pay in GB Pounds (GBP).

Cheque or Money/Postal Order

For payment methods 2 and 3 you will need to print out and complete a Parser Generator Order Form. If paying by cheque, note that US dollar cheques will only be accepted if they are drawn from a US dollar bank account. GB pound cheques though will be accepted if drawn from either a GB pound or Euro bank account. Then simply post the order form, along with the cheque or money/postal order where necessary to:

Bumble-Bee Software Limited
38 Stradbroke Grove
Buckhurst Hill
Essex, IG9 5PF

If posting from outside the UK it is preferable to send the letter by Airmail. You will need to look up the cost of posting to the UK from your respective county. Airmail letters typically have "Airmail" written in the left hand corner (or "Par Avion" if you are French) to distinguish them from surface mail.

Direct Bank Transfer

For payment method 4 you will need to complete and e-mail the Parser Generator Direct Bank Transfer Order Form to sales@bumblebeesoftware.com. Note that bank charges associated with the transaction are split i.e. you will pay the bank charges for your bank, and Bumble-Bee Software will pay the bank charges for its bank. When the order is received you will be mailed back the necessary banking details to carry out the transaction.

When you have registered your copy of Parser Generator you will receive a License Agreement detailing your serial number and the number of licences you have purchased along with an invoice for your records

* Please note that Bumble-Bee Software Ltd. is NOT currently VAT registered. This means that no VAT is charged on any goods (i.e. licenses) sold (it also means that no VAT can be claimed back for business purposes). The price given is the price that needs to be paid. At some point in the future, Bumble-Bee Software Ltd. may become VAT registered, however at present it is not a legal requirement.


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